Two Passions That Will Lead to Profit

passions that lead to profit

I have clients who struggle with this default belief that finding that ONE thing they are passionate about will make everything fall into place. They believe it will in turn solve all their problems. It’s the same kind of lottery ticket mentality of thinking if just this ONE thing happens then everything else will work out. This is usually never the case. You need to know that there are two crucial passions that lead to profit.

Passion does not necessarily lead to profit

Expecting yourself to be passionate about something each and every day is a fantasy. Even for us, entrepreneurs who have the luxury of doing what we love for a living. At the end of the day, it is STILL a job, a fun job, but a job nonetheless.

Having this idea that you have yet to find that one thing you are passionate about and when you do it will unlock everything, is only a distraction from focusing on actually making the money. There are two passions that lead to profit.

You have to be passionate about making money and about yourself

These two passions must be in place for your passion to emerge. But let’s be honest, you are not going to be passionate about that one thing forever. You’re going to evolve, things are going to change. Being able to be passionate about yourself is what keeps your passion for making money.

Having that passion about yourself is hard. It is much harder to love the mess you are in right now. It might seem easier to want to save the world and then save yourself. That is a better distraction than dealing with what is going on inside. 

Showing up for yourself consistently is going to definitely have an effect in how you show up for your business consistently. It will for sure have more of an effect than how passionate you are about the topic.

There you have it. The two passions that lead to profit. If you find that you need help focusing on either of these crucial passions for your success, reach out, let’s work together. 

Two Things You Must Be Passionate About to be Successful

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