Change Your Mindset: My Top 10 Lessons of 2019

growth mindset

1. No amount of money will ever be worth your peace of mind

Your peace of mind is PRICELESS, end of story.

2. You can get stuck in emotional release and not move the needle on your income

Emotionalism can be really beneficial for releasing AND it can be a never-ending abyss to get lost in. Knowing the difference CAN be tricky.

3. Making a lot of money and spending it all can be a mindset issue

I’ve had clients making millions and not be able to keep any of it. You might not have a problem MAKING money but you might have a charge around KEEPING money, profit or savings, you can heal that in money mindset work.

4. You can serve a lot of people, even if you are not a household name

I had the opportunity to serve over 150 customers this year, close to 200 transactions. My email list contains 1,500 people, I have 8K followers on Instagram and 5K friends on Facebook. My clients are loyal, repeat and brag about me to their loved ones. You can build a multi-six figure business without a million followers. My clients have proved this too.

growth mindset

5. Finding the right support and systems can be a mindset issue

On a deeper level, we can reject support because it allows us to forever be the martyr and we can continue choosing to be alone unconsciously treading water financially because it is safer and more familiar to suffer. It took me several at bats to secure good solid childcare, home support and a business team.

6. Passive income is a tough mindset issue

First of all, NO money is passive, you have to do something to earn it. Secondly, if you are not making the kind of money you desire actively, chances are passive income will not come easy.

7. You can make money no matter what is happening in your life

If you have the right support, life can come at you with ANYTHING. My clients faced a lot of difficulties this year – legal stuff, loved ones facing death, super challenging relationship issues, health scares. They DID NOT abandon their money making process.

8. No one is above a 12-step program for staying on track emotionally

growth mindset

When in doubt, it is free support. Most people have codependency issues (*raises hand) and they DO mess with your money because your default is not to love or prioritize yourself. You CANNOT underestimate the power of group support for your mental health and esteem.

9. Your indecisiveness is usually just fear

Be patient with yourself. You might need a few tries to build your courage. Getting a mentor requires courage because once you do, there is nowhere to hide from the truth.

10. Learning to surrender is the key to success

Fastest way to a goal? Letting go of attachment to the goal. We do not get what we are attached to, we get what we’ve made the decision to have.

Every day I am given the opportunity to help incredible people fix their money mindset to be able to accomplish goals they never thought possible. 

If any of these lessons resonate with your current situation, reach out, let’s work together to get you on the right track to attaining your goals.

Change Your Mindset with My Top Ten Money Mindset Lessons of 2019

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