The Money Mindset of Millennials

I love millennials

Their limitless thinking about business and life inspire me. I was recently featured on Market Watch as an expert in this article by the lovely Catey Hill, talking about why I don’t think millennials are all that delusional for thinking they can be rich. The money mindset of millennials is one we should all be striving for.

Truth is,

Yes, millennials are delusional.

Yes, millennials can be ungrounded.

Yes, millennials can be inexperienced.

But, turns out younger people are better with money than many happen to think, according to CNBC. And done the right way, these dreamers CAN change the conversation.

On 60 Minutes I watched Eugene, OR students that have filed suit against the government for climate change, AMAZING!

millennials and money
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Embrace those millennial traits. Replicate the money mindset of millennials. I rather you be 

delusional and moving forward with your crazy dreams

 than remaining static in your practicality.

Of course, the balance is where the magic happens – 

getting paid while dreaming big and hopefully not 

going broke to appear rich.


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