Reach Prosperity: 6 Simple Secrets


1. Set your intentions

Take the time to get really clear on the amount you are requesting from the Universe and also the time it will take for you to receive it. The Universe LOVES specificity and it is key to reach prosperity.

2. Get into a place to welcome prosperity into your life

This can be done through daily affirmations and by surrounding yourself in the energy of abundance. You can do this by simply dressing up in your best clothes, a daily gratitude practice to be thankful for what you DO have now and also repeating mantras and affirmations that help you rewire your feelings about money. 


3. Already feel as if the money has manifested

You must give thanks for your prosperity despite the physical reality of what you are being presented with. This is the ULTIMATE key to unlocking your prosperity.

4. Send loving energy to the flow of money coming in and going out

Receiving money brings joy to us, while bills and spending money can oftentimes leave people flustered and have anxiety. You NEED to rewire this in order to get out of your own way. Each time you feel anxiety around an expense then you are actively choosing to block the flow of abundance and you’re inviting more bills and more expenses. 

5. Show respect and be thankful for the money you have now


Make sure you show your money how much you love it by taking care of it. Create a sanctuary for your money to feel safe and loved. The best way to show profound gratitude and reverence for the energy of your current abundance is to ensure that it is sitting neatly in your purse or wallet.

6. Take one day at a time

This all does not happen overnight. You have to remember to be gentle with yourself and take one day at a time. This will help tremendously to keep you focused on your power in the present moment and not sabotage your vibration with overwhelm thoughts about the uncertainty of your financial future. This is an IMPERATIVE factor to energy management throughout the manifesting process and reach prosperity.

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