Manifest with Success, Skip the Romance

manifest with success

I've worked hard to break the romance of manifestation with clients

When I hear, “It just feels right, so I’ll find the deposit and the Universe will provide the rest,” while having zero funds in their savings and in debt. “I know it’s in alignment, so I’m going to invest in this and the clients/money will appear,” while having NO proof of concept. “The Universe has my back on this one, I’m totally open to all that mortgage money showing up,” while consistently under earning. To manifest with success you must leave the romance out of it.

None of these concepts are very romantic to most. But real romance and magic isn’t saving you out of a bottomless pit, real romance is about feeling safe enough to expand and be able to have your potentiality land in reality. Of course, there is room for miracles, magic and play, IF and WHEN we understand the rules:

  1. You cannot skip the money lessons, if you have not mastered your money mindset, the issue will continue to show up.
  2. Sustainability comes from being really, deeply honest and not trying to go to legacy wealth before we even understand our profit and loss.
  3. We create a new reality by creating a new understanding and moving our way up the ladder of consciousness – we aren’t going to create massive wealth when we’re still resonating with scarcity.

Let’s take the right steps together so that you can manifest with success. Contact me to start working on your money mindset. 

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