How to Make the Decision to Invest In Yourself

invest in yourself

From a mindset perspective, saving up to invest in yourself, in your business is not a great strategy. Don’t get me wrong, saving in general is great. But when it comes to businesses, that is not how they should operate. 

Businesses make DECISIONS.

When you have something you believe in, why not trust your gut and bet on yourself?

BET ON YOUR BUSINESS. That should be your business strategy, I know it is the strategy for my business. Like Warren Buffett said in The Economic Times, “The most important investment you can make is in yourself.”


I have not come across people who saved up to work with me, maybe just a handful. If you are contemplating whether to work with me or any other coach out there, you need to recognize one of these two things.

TRUST that you have made the decision. Trusting yourself creates MORE trusting yourself which creates a field of trust energy. Who do people buy from? People they trust.

Yea, it’s a never ending trust cycle that begins when you choose to invest in yourself.

Let’s get to work.

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