Be a Winner in the Money Game

winner in the money game

Truth be told, money is a game because life is a game

Looking back now, money was not about fun, period, full stop. Money was not something to play with. It was insulting to hear anyone say that money is a game. I used to think, “Sure, it’s a game for people who have it.” I was not a winner in the money game, at all.

My history with playing games was pitiful. I wasn’t a “winner.” It felt as if all the games were rigged against me and were reserved for the lucky few, the chosen few.

The fact of the matter was, the whole time I was rigging the money games against myself.

I can now see how entrenched I was in that place of powerlessness. I think I EFT tapped and journaled a whole year on just believing that life was for my pleasure.

First, rule out any money disorder that can really hurt all aspects of your life. The next step is evaluating your money mindset.

winner in the money game

If you find that you are stuck. Are you in a place where you truly believe money is not a game? We need to have a little chat. 

I want to teach you how to play the money game in your favor. Let me show you how to be a winner in the money game. Contact me.

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