Attract Money and Wealth: My 6 Hidden Secrets

I want to share with you the first six things you must be open to in order to attract the money and wealth you desire and, say it out loud, DESERVE.

1. Achieve clarity

I can’t stress enough how important it is to really take some time and realize exactly what it is you want. You have to be clear in your intentions in order for any of this to work. Get crystal clear with what you want and set your intentions on how much money you want to receive.

2. Visualization techniques

Visualization is one of the most powerful ways of invoking motivation and change in your mental and emotional state.

You need to remember any energy you put out has to come back to you. Visualize the thing you want to receive and attract it into your everyday reality.

The more you utilize your senses, the faster the results will be.

3. Ditch your limiting beliefs

Most people have a negative set of values when it comes to money. You cannot attract something you judge or harbor negative stereotypes towards. Use your visualization techniques to clear out old patterns and allow abundance to flow into your life.

4. Open up and focus on abundance

The more you can focus on a topic, the more prevalent it becomes in your life. Make it a daily routine to focus on the abundance you already have – your home, your car and all other comforts you use in your daily life. Feel that you are abundant and are growing richer each day.

5. Kick that inner critic to the curb

Our own limiting beliefs are the ones that keep you in lack and sabotage you when things are really not as hard as they seem. Every time you try and attract abundance into your life, your inner voice my tell you that you can’t or don’t deserve it. 

This negative self talk does not come from you, it is a reflection of your parents and the conditioning that society has received on the topic of money. 

When your inner critic contradicts a happy thought on money, you can use visualization techniques like a stop sign or a big X, or you can simply state to yourself a phrase that is opposite to the criticism. 

6. Let go and squash overthinking

The one thing that can truly sabotage you is overthinking what you want. This can lead to feelings of tension and resistance. It is more important to tend to your emotional state and know that what you want is already coming your way. Let go, and know that the Universe has your back. 

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